Essendon District Netball Association (EDNA) runs the competition that our club plays in. Strict rules are in place to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible on the day. The EDNA By-Laws are listed on their website and Aberfeldie Netball Club Bylaws will soon be available under the 'Policies and Procedures' tab at the top of this page. Below are a few FAQ's that may assist on match day.

Please also familiarise yourself with the Code of Conduct documents under the 'Policies and Procedures' tab at the top of this page. Breaches can lead to fines and suspensions for our club.

For more information or clarification please send an email to:

Where do Coaches & Spectators Stand?

To ensure the safety of our players and umpires, it is important at all times to observe our guidelines when spectating and playing. 
Key rules:

  • Spectators are not allowed on the court areas (playing area and surrounds) at all (with exception of our SET age groups where leeway is granted to new parents and players).

  • Coaches must choose a position along the SIDELINE and operate from within this area. 

  • Interchange Players are able to STAND on the sideline with the Coaches.

What happens in hot or inclement weather?

  • A decision will be made by an Association Representative in hot or wet weather conditions. Unless you are notified by your Coach or Team Manager you will be expected to turn up at the courts. If a game is stopped due to the weather conditions at half time or prior to, equal points will be given to each team. For a team to be deemed the winner they must be at least 7 goals in the lead after half time.

What happens if I need to make a formal complaint? 

  • Any complaints that wish to be made regarding match results need to be registered within 48 hours ( part of the association constitution). This can be made through your Team Manager, who will in turn contact the Club Secretary and/or President.

  • Don't sign the scoresheet

What happens if my team cannot play a game?

  • If a team is not able to play a game they must notify someone on the committee at least 48 hours prior to the game. We will then contact the team that is affected and let them know. To obtain points if it is a walkover situation you must organise someone to fill out the score sheet for you.

What is the policy on coaching from the sidelines?

  • It is important for all Coaches/Team Managers to be aware that NetSet Go coaches are the only people that can walk up and down the court to assist the players. All other coaches must be at least 1.5m back from the court line and be using words of encouragement.

  • ONLY ONE COACH PER TEAM IS ALLOWED ON THE SIDELINES. If you have a Co-coach or Assistant Coach, they cannot coach on match day.

  • Parents/Spectators 'coaching' from the sidelines is not allowed. Encourage all you like, but you cannot coach.  

Can players, spectators or parents engage with the umpires?

  • Short answer is NO

  • Only the team captain can approach the umpire at half time or at the completion of a game for a rule clarification. 



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